Requirements for running Gerbil

Hardware Requirements

Due to the nature of the application, the software requires a reasonable amount of system memory. We recommend 4 GB of RAM or more for multispectral images and 8 GB of RAM or more for hyperspectral images. You also need a mid-range to high-end CPU. Note that the GPU (graphics processing unit) is of special importance due to heavy drawing operations, make sure not to use a low-end graphics card. Amongst others, middle-grade nVidia Quadro perform reasonably well, even their mobile versions.

Software Requirements

The following libraries and tools are necessary to build and run Gerbil:

  • CMake build system (version >= 2.8.11)
  • boost C++ libraries, modules thread, program_options and filesystem (version >= 1.47)
  • Intel TBB parallelization framework
  • Qt application and UI framework (version >= 5.5.1) (download)
  • OpenCV computer vision library (version >= 2.4)
  • GDAL geospatial data abstraction library

If you are having trouble obtaining a recent version of Qt for your system, you might try the qt4 branch which requires Qt version 4.8.