If you use Arch Linux, you may install the AUR package gerbil-git.


Gerbil was tested on Debian GNU/Linux, Arch Linux and Ubuntu using the GCC compiler.

Please check the requirements and install all needed libraries before continuing.

Make sure you have the matching Qt version installed (Qt5 for master branch, Qt4 for qt4 branch) including development files. On Debian and Ubuntu, for Qt5, this is libqt5opengl5-dev, and for Qt4, libqt4-dev.


  1. Install all required libraries.
  2. Obtain the software from Github or via:

    git clone

  3. Run the script included to initiate the CMake configuration. It takes the path to OpenCV as first argument (if OpenCV was installed through package management, call ./ /usr).

  4. If problems arise or further tuning is required, call ccmake . or consult the CMake documentation on altering the build configuration.

  5. Run make to build the binaries. You will find them in the bin directory. The GUI version will be called qgerbil, the console version gerbil.

Note: The source does not come with a facility to install the software (i.e. make install will not work).


We recommend to use QtCreator as a development platform.

  1. Configure CMake and build the software as outlined above.
  2. In QtCreator, open CMakeLists.txt contained in the source root directory as a project. Then select the directory where you previously built the software (typically source root) as build directory.
  3. QtCreator will ask you to run CMake within the import dialog. It should just run through using its cache in the build directory.