Tue, Jan 12, 2016

As a quickstart into Gerbil development, have a look at the Tutorial on the Gerbil SDK! Older resources Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive source on development aspects of the software available as of now. Please contact us with any questions regarding development! SOCIS 2012 – Parallelization and Scalability GUI Rework 2013

GUI Rework

Mon, Feb 24, 2014

TIMELINE: TODO TASKS: 0 controller re-organization merge (on class level) controller and dock controller separate files (compilation units) for initialization of models, docks, etc. but same class 1 async on-demand calculation controllers manage subscriptions: subscribeImage(repr.::t) subscribeImageBand(rep.::t, int) subscribeLabeling(bool full/ROI – if needed) subscribeFalseColor(type, bool [full vs. ROI] for ROI selector) unsubscribe(…) when new data is calculated, the controller checks subscriptions to notify about the new data when data becomes invalid, controller checks for subscriptions before recalculation unsubscribe triggers (deferred?

SOCIS 2012: Design ideas to improve Gerbil scalability

Fri, Nov 1, 2013

Disclaimer: Design concepts in this document shall be understood as a first sketch, they are by no means final. There might be errors or defficiencies in the design integrity and pseudocode, which will be gradually resolved during implementation. The purpose of this document is to establish common ground for discussion and gradual refinement of the design. Synchronizing threads on shared data Most of the big data structures that are currently owned by one of the widgets need to be modified in background in order to keep GUI responsive.

Introduction to the Gerbil SDK -- Building, image operations and modules

Mon, Jan 1, 0001

Table of Contents 1. Setting up a new module 2. Basic image operations 3. Usage of other modules 3.1. Similarity Measures module 3.2. Advanced image input 4. Parallelization 5. Shell/Config interface 5.1. Build configuration 5.2. MapperConfig class 5.3. Mapper command class 5.4. Command line interface 6. Wrap up In this tutorial we cover a selection of key usage patterns of the Gerbil SDK. We develop a small program that outputs the Spectral Angle Mapper (SAM) similarity between each pixel in the image and a reference image region.